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this stick figure has no face so why the fuck can I tell exactly what its feeling

Technically, since it’s face is blank individual readers are able to substitute their own feelings and imagine themselves as the character. So you know exactly how that stick figure is feeling because it’s what you would be feeling.

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"Girl in a Country Song"  by Maddie and Tae.

I’ll admit it.  I laughed.

I usually don’t like country music…but I can make an exception for this.

Wondering why I haven’t been hearing this on country radio because I love it.

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Imagine having braces during the apocalypse. no one can take your braces off. And you just have to accept that you’ll have braces forever.

i want a novel focused around a character with braces during the apocalypse and the entire plot of the story revolves around their search for an orthodontist who is still alive and they sort of accidentally save the world in the process

This is why I love apocalypse plots.

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my mom tried to teach our goats to pee in one certain spot by giving them treats when they’d pee in that spot

except that

they think that now whenever they pee they get a treat

so whenever they see my mom

they pee

 laughed for a solid five minutes

behaviorism gone wrong

Pavlov is laughing in his grave

This is hilarious. But Pavlov did classical conditioning experiments. What you explained was operant conditioning so actually B.F. Skinner would be laughing.

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So this summer I’m working as a teacher for Breakthrough Collaborative. It will be my first time having my own classroom where I create all the lessons and handle classroom management on my own. I’ve been studying to teach high school English, but this summer I’m teaching 8th grade chemistry. I would love to hear from teachers about successful science/chem lessons, best classroom management tips for short classes (6 weeks of teaching), differences between teaching science and English, etc. Any advice from #education would be greatly appreciated. 


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Dr. Maya Angelou’s last tweet. Mayor Allen Joines and her literary agent have confirmed that the renowned poet-author-activist has passed away at 86.


Dr. Maya Angelou’s last tweet. Mayor Allen Joines and her literary agent have confirmed that the renowned poet-author-activist has passed away at 86.

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did you know that phill lewis (aka mr moseby) was charged with manslaughter in 1993


Hooch is crazy.

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I will never not reblog this gif set whenever it comes across my dash.

This is from a show called What Would You Do? and they do many scenarios that bring out amazing people. Worth looking into, carry on(:

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Congratulations! Your PROCRASTINATION has evolved into Full Blown Apathy!

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Happy Earth Day! Make your profile picture one of our magical Earth Day 2014 patches and spread the love of used books far and wide!

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Tonight my roommate and I were watching Frozen. The opening song came on and my roommate and I were talking about how much we love it. I told her that when it started in the theater I immediately thought about how I would have loved to sing that in choir because of how beautiful the choral arrangement was. Then I thought to myself that I should email Mrs. K to tell her about wanting to sing that song. I really thought about it for a moment until I remembered that she’s dead. It’s still hard to believe. Because I went to college and didn’t see everyday anymore, it’s even weirder now to know that even when I go home to visit I will never see her again. I wonder when I will get used to her not being around anymore. 









This would be good. 

Whaaaaat, yes! They HAVE to keep the same setting. I’ll be so disappointed if they don’t.

I just bought this and Fangirl!

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Do you still need more proof of rape culture?

As Noam Chomsky once pointed out for Z Magazine, old media types from the institutional bodies like American Enterprise Institute tend to regurgitate the same ideas with a reliability that is equally impressive and infuriating. While assuring the public that rape is a terrible crime, writers like Caroline Kitchens and Heather McDonald of right-wing think tank The Manhattan Institute try to claim that feminists have blown this whole rape culture thing way out of proportion.

Apparently, many women disagree. On Tuesday there were more than 1 million responses on the #RapeCultureIsWhen hashtag started by a frustrated Zerlina Maxwell in response to these right-wing narratives. 

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I think a lot of people mistake what we mean when we say rape culture. When I talk about how we have a rape culture, that does not mean that I think everyone is a rapist or that the general public believes that more people need to be raped. When I say we have a rape culture, what I’m saying is that we have a culture that condones rape. People turn a blind eye at “ambiguous” rape situations when there is no ambiguity at all. There’s almost zero education about what rape really is, how to say no, and how to hear no. We don’t have a rape culture because our culture encourages rape (though, at times it may seem like it does). We have a rape culture because people ignore rape and do very little to prevent rape. 

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